phpLiteAdmin 1.9.8 released

Finally, after a long time, a new stable version of phpLiteAdmin was released today.

Download phpLiteAdmin 1.9.8 now

It comes with lots of improvements compared to One major new feature is auto completion and syntax highlighting in SQL editor fields.

Attention: This release also includes security fixes. phpliteAdmin 1.9.5 to (and some 1.9.8-dev versions) were affected by CVE-2018-10362.

All users of phpLiteAdmin are encouraged to update.

Further details about changes will be published here soon.

phpLiteAdmin released

It was discovered that phpLiteAdmin 1.9.8 is not compatible with PHP < 5.6.0 anymore. Therefore, version was released which again is compatible with any PHP >= 5.2.4.

There is no need to update from 1.9.8 to if you are running PHP >= 5.6.0.

phpLiteAdmin released

It was discovered that phpLiteAdmin is not fully compatible with PHP < 5.4.0 and not compatible with PHP 7.3.9. These compatibility issues were addressed in phpLiteAdmin which now should run with PHP >= 5.2.4.

There is no need to update from previous 1.9.8.x versions if you do not run PHP < 5.4.0 or PHP > 7.3.


2 responses to “phpLiteAdmin 1.9.8 released”

  1. Gerhard Antlitz Avatar
    Gerhard Antlitz

    I am having problems using 1.9.8.x.
    it only displays
    “phpLiteAdmin v1.9.8
    Documentation | License | Project Site
    Change Database”
    Thats all.
    1.9.7.x works fine.

    Could anyone help me please.
    Using Debian 10

  2. Having the same issue it’s not displaying any of the data rows (fields) , just the header columns.
    Using Ubuntu

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