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Changelog of 1.9.7
(The release of phpLiteAdmin 1.9.7 was built incorrectly, which was fixed with the release of shortly afterwards.)

Current development version

If you want to try the current development version, you can download the automatic build that is updated automatically from our git repository. Note that development versions are not tested as thoroughly as stable versions.


Download the newest theme pack here (last update: 2016-02-29)


See Localization wiki page for the current localization files.

phpLiteAdmin as part of other software

phpLiteAdmin is part of MAMP and available as an app for ampps. Both packages provide you with an easy installer to set up a complete server environment for web development.

There is also an unofficial android app of phpLiteAdmin provided by Marcos Diez.

For Docker, an unofficial dockerized version of phpLiteAdmin is available on github and docker hub.

More downloads

Here is the list of all downloads.